News & Promotions

1. $30 will be credited in your trading account.
2. You must be entry minimum of $30 lot position.
3. Any closed order must be minimum of 30 minutes period.
4. You must entry next / second order after 30 minutes of previous entry.
5. You can make multiple entries as long as you follow rules number 3 and 4.
6. You can trades all pair available in trading platform.
7. You must deposit $100 to your second new trading account to eligible for withdrawal
     your profit.
8. This promotion valid within 30 days of your received your $30 NO BONUS
     DEPOSIT. After 30 days any position will be closed and your account will be flush to
9. You’re allow to make hedging strategy.
10. You cannot trades using multiple devices as any login using multiple IP address will
       be banned immediately.
11. You cannot makes any internal or external transfer. Doing so your $30 NO
      DEPOSIT BONUS account will be banned with or without any notice.
12. This promotion is limited for new clients and one time only.