Become a hi5markets affiliate partner

Get up to 7 USD per standard lot of what your referrals entries in trading.

  • Earn $5,000+ per month
  • Refer a friend within 10 minutes from your sign up.
  • Start earning in minutes by promoting your referral link.

Requirement :

  • Deposit minimum 10 USD.
  • Sign up and successfully verified account.


Become a hi5markets Introducing Broker (IB) partner

Get up to 10.5 USD per standard lot of what your referrals entries in trading.

  • Earn $10,000+ per month
  • Expand your network with opportunity that will give you access and partnership between traders and us.
  • Enjoy lucrative 10.5 USD per standard lot commission instantly.

Requirement :

  • Deposit minimum 1,000 USD.
  • Sign up and successfully verified account.
  • Minimum monthly target sales 5,000 USD.


Become a hi5markets Regional Master Introducing Broker (MIB) / Local Exchanger partner

Get up to 14 USD per standard lot of what your referrals entries in trading.

As a Regional Master / Local Exchanger you are given full rights as hi5markets executive representative. You are entitled rights to work using the hi5markets Brand name, and provide its services within your conferred territory. As a Regional Master / Local Exchanger you have the power to utilize effectively our brand and different facilities in your region to develop your business strategy and manage clients and your fellow partners. The Regional Master /Local Exchanger enjoys many benefits including:

  • Earn $20,000+ per month
  • Using hi5markets brand and trademark in your region
  • End-year bonus and high rebate
  • Special rates and lucrative income.
  • Full responsibility as a Local Depositor within your Jurisdiction
  • Free sub domain and ready website from hi5markets.
  • Free marketing support
  • Free technical service and support to your customers
  • Free consulting support

To be a Regional Master / Local Exchanger you must meet the following duties and obligations

  • Be able to expand your company business
  • Be able to consult your company clients
  • Promote your representative website
  • Offer seminars and training courses
  • Assist clients in carrying out withdrawals and deposits

Requirement :

  • Deposit minimum 5,000 USD.
  • Sign up and successfully verified account.
  • Minimum monthly target sales 10,000 USD.


Become a Bitcoin platform brokerage

With own brokerage you will earn commissions on every trade that your clients make. All you need to do is explain to people the benefits of trading financial products such as Bitcoin, Forex, CFDs and Commodities.

  • With a hi5markets Brokerage Partnership, you will receive your own customize website (in a language of your choosing) and all the tools you need to track customers and monitor your commissions.
  • Your new online brokerage will be your own, meaning it will be designed with your company logo, color scheme, and ‘look and feel’ chosen by you.
  • With an online presence you can focus your energy on growing your client base, while hi5markets will take care of all the technical work.
  • hi5markets has established relationships with Tier 1 Banks and carefully selected Institutional Market Makers that make up a unique and transparent ECN venue with no last look execution. Our liquidity pool is already integrated with Metatrader4 platforms. Partners can access it also via liquidity aggregators. We provide also an access to liquidity on various Cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum, Dash, Ripple and others.Our liquidity solution is based on ultra-fast matching engine technology, which assures the no last look, fair and transparent execution for all market participants.

There is 2 package available :

  1. Startup Package

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader, an asset manager or a private investor, a blogger or a web-site owner, an individual or a corporation, – there is a partnership plan that suits your requirements and meets your goals. With our flexible Startup Package, we will delivered your brokerage with low fee and within short time. Fast start your own brokerage now.

Requirement :

  • Earn expected steadily lucrative $100,000+ per month
  • Deposit minimum 10,000 USD.
  • 10,000 USD will be credit to your brokerage main account.
  • Sign up and successfully verified account.
  • No monthly fee*

2. Standard Package

Think alchemy is a myth? hi5markets are busy working around the clock, racking their brains to come up with the right formula to put YOUR business on a gold-paved path to success. Our technology, your brand. Whether your company is looking to expand it’s portfolio of services, or your a Master Introducing Broker ready to move your business to the next level, or an entrepreneur looking or financial bank institution to enter an online bitcoin trading industry for the first time, our Standard Package can be custom fit to your specific needs and tailored to give your business the edge it needs to succeed.

Requirement :

  • Feel free to contact us at

*Must meet minimum volumes every 30 days.

**Deposit is mandatory before apply.