Security Measures
hi5markets is committed to provide the highest level of security to its platform users. Extensive cyber-security framework is implemented in order to ensure that strict measures and practices are in place to protect customer assets against any eventualities and threats. We are conducting periodical stress tests and security audits to ensure compliance with the strictest security standards.

We use the following security tools and measures:

Encrypted SSL (https) to encrypt and secure our website’s traffic.

All passwords are cryptographically hashed (using bcrypt with a cost factor of 12) while all other sensitive data is encrypted.

Cloudfare to mitigate potential distributed denial-of-service (“DDoS”) attacks.

Regular tests and check-ups by our technical team.

On-going and IT security assessments are executed to keep up to date with new potential vulnerabilities.

Our environment is hosted on a proven track record for physical security and internal controls.

Trading infrastructure
hi5markets trading engine has been designed to meet the highest online-trading industry standards. As we are using third party trading platform Metatrader 4, we’re cannot access and touch the liquidity and trading process. All systems in Metatrader 4 have been uniquely coded to minimize latency and increase order execution speed. System automatically monitors all risks associated with buying power, buying power factor, maximum order size, maximum position size, P/L loss thresholds, odd lot allowance, and executes full risk check after every order placement. hi5markets prides itself on having one of the most advanced and reliable trading software on the market.

Wallet Security
The majority of customer digital assets (Bitcoin) are held in our offline storage system (“Cold Storage”). Only a small portion of digital assets are held in our online wallet (“Hot Wallet”). We use Multi-signature access (“Multisig”) to provide both security against attacks and tolerance for losing access to a key or facility, eliminating single points of failure. All fund transfers from Cold Storage to Hot Wallets are handled manually and require the coordinated actions of multiple employees.